Magic Ceremony is the first episode, starting the whole series in the Sounds of Magic! It introduces the magic ceremony the duo go to after turning 15-16 years old to see their mother.

Summary Edit

A magic ceremony has begun! The adventure has just started! However... they'll face an evil plan and... A corruptive secret....

Another Storm Again? Edit

Another storm enters a wonderful night. Lulle walks home drenched from the pouring rain. He knocks on the door, but Cally doesn't answer. Then he looks under the stair, but the key isn't there. Lulle gets confused and tells Cally that she didn't leave the key. Stressed and growing impatient, he knocks again and then yells at Cally if she's even there or not. Cally, annoyed by the knocking, goes to the window, realizes that Lulle is freezing out there, and comes running to his aid.

Cally apologizes for the matter, saying that Viola was begging to come to their ceremony. Lulle who's drying off, forgives her and says he'll take care of Viola before they leave.

A Lullaby For The Night Edit

Lulle comes in and asks Viola how she's been feeling. Viola mentions that she's scared of the thunderstorms going on. Lulle tries to explain that the rain isn't that bad, but Viola is still afraid and clutches on to Lulle very tight. To comfort her, he starts to sing Lullaby of A Stormy Night to Viola. He covers her up and then leaves to meet Cally.

A few minutes later, Lulle enters with an exhausted look while Cally is drinking soda. Cally asks Lulle if he's okay and Lulle nods. Cally encourages him by saying it's not that bad and literally punches him with delight. Lulle gets up and then explains all of the things he did for the night. Then Lulle asks Cally what type of drink she's drinking. Cally says that it's SuperCran Winterberry Soda and asks if he wants some. Lulle refuses and tells her that it's bad and full of sugar. Cally, not caring, says that she'll set up the Switch and bring some drinks for celebration. She also says that she lied about the time. The real time for the ceremony is 8:00, but she told him to be at 6:00. Lulle, groaning that he sent Viola to bed early and that they have two more hours to waste, reluctantly accepts.

Two Hours Later.... WE'RE ACTUALLY LATE. Edit

Two hours later of playing Smash and watching the Dragon Prince, Cally gets annoyed about the villains catching up with the princes. She also gets bored and decides to watch some else on Netflix. She asks Lulle what show they wanna watch, only to find him sleeping. She wonders what the time it is and then realizes they're actually late. So she grabs Lulle and runs out of their house as fast as possible.

Minutes later, they enter the temple. Cally runs towards the entrance and excitedly mentions that they’re finally here. However, she complains and wonders how long Lulle is taking. Lulle, tiredly walks in and pants for a bit, complains that she flies a bit fast. He readjusts himself and explains to Cally that he wants this ceremony to go well. The duo entered the temple. Cally awes at the ancient temple. Lulle gets very worried that they’ll be punished for being late.

(TBC for Now!)

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Magic Ceremony! Episode 1 Sounds of Magic

Magic Ceremony! Episode 1 Sounds of Magic

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