Lulle Vulyra is one of the two main protagonists and the leader of Sounds of Magic. He’s a galaxy fox who’s willing to help others and save the hybrid world from danger. 

His alter-ego is Sound Nocturne, a magician that studies the stars and lights up the night. His catchphrases include, "I must be dreaming..." and "I'll punch you with the beauty of stars!" 

Bio: Edit

Physical Appearance:Edit

Lulle has short blue-violet hair with a light purplish fade and fox ears. He has pale skin and light blue eyes with purple diamonds. He also has a pale lavender diamond mark to show his species. He usually wears cream and plum colored clothing. He wears a purple crystal necklace to show the bond that Cally and he have and holds Seren, his spirit. 

As Sound Nocturne, he wears a yellow and plum uniform with puffy sleevings. He also wears a playful hat and white heeled shoes with soles that change color. 


Lulle has a calm and sweet personality. He’s also empathetic and kind to friends and his siblings. However, because of his caring personality, sometimes he goes overboard towards helping everyone leading to insomnia and restlessness. He also can get very lazy at times and would rather sleep, read a book, or go outside to relax much to Cally’s annoyance.​​​​​​

When he’s chosen to become a warrior to save the hybrid world as Sound Nocturne, he’s assertive, brave, and willing to help others as best as he can. He can get very serious in his job as a warrior like studying more abilities in books and practicing his harp. His personality from his alter-ego also shifts due to Cally going extremely aggressive as Allegra and he yells at her for doing so if it doesn’t stop. But he still retains his calm, tranquil personality and likes to do magic tricks for kids.


Calliope aka Cally: His one and only best friend forever. They met on a beach during a vacation. Lulle decided to adopt Cally as his sister and they started to become best friends ever since. However, as the years went by, Cally started getting more tomboyish and aggressive because she wanted to be a warrior so badly. Because of this, the duo have a vitriolic relationship of fights and hassle, but they still care for each other no matter what. 

(As the series go on, the duo start having feelings for each other for no reason.)

Viola: His other younger sister he loves very much. Viola looks up to him as a big brother figure and even tries to be like him at times. 

Seren: His galaxy cat spirit who teases him for fun. They also have a bickering relationship but it’s mainly Seren’s fault for being annoying. She also spies on him whenever he’s with Cally, much to their annoyance. But they still like each other as friends. Lulle, understanding Seren’s backstory, and Seren realizing that Lulle isn’t bad as she thought.

Avi: Lulle usually likes Avi because of his strict, studious personality. They have a pretty good relationship, especially when learning new abilities and practicing music. Lulle also relies on Avi to solve complicated problems he can’t solve. 

Sound Nocturne Edit

With notes that soothe, filled with bundles of joy! Prepare for your endless song of berceuse! I'm Sound Nocturne!

Sound Nocturne is the alter ego of Lulle and transforms with Calliope to become the Sounds of Magic. In this form, he can manipulate star magic, play from either his harp or music box, and hover in the air. In order to transform, he needs his music box and his necklace with his spirit, Seren, inside. He can transform by himself or with Cally. 

Transformation: Edit

Play Your Melody! Edit

Lulle summons his music box and throws it in the air to open it. Lulle spins around playing his harp, ringing every rhythm of the song. Covered in bluish aura, his hair brightens and magic starts flowing, changing his clothes to create a playful outfit and growing new white boots. Then he introduces himself and poses.

(If they’re together) 

Cally and Lulle hold hands and say, “Sounds of Magic, play your melody!” Cally plays her part of the melody first, then Lulle. The duo spin around individually and appear back in a rainbow note background. They start forming their outfits while the song is playing. Then Cally plays her own solo and introduces herself. Lulle does his own solo and introduces. The duo march and then pose as a finisher. 

Attacks Edit

Starry Solfege- Lulle’s most used note attack using the do-re-mi alphabet (A-G)  Lulle plays his harp then attacks using any note he chooses. (A being weak and lightest while G being strong and heaviest) He can only use one letter at a time per battle. (you can’t use A again if you already used it) This move also changes the color of Lulle’s hat and soles of his shoes. (Introduced in EP 2)

Cosmic Chorale- Lulle's first defensive move. He plays his harp to create a galaxy like dome to defend his allies. (Introduced in EP 3)

Polyphony Purification- The duo's first group attack. (Introduced in EP 2)

Trivia Edit

  • Lulle’s birthday is February 27th, making him a Pisces.
  • Lulle was inspired by Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie, Luka Couffaine from Miraculous Ladybug, and Mirai aka Cure Miracle, from Mahou Tsukai Precure. 
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