Calliope, Cally for short, is one of the two protagonists and sub leader of Sounds of Magic. She’s a blue crowned parrot who’s determined to save the hybrid world and wants to become a good flutist when she grows up. Her alter-ego is Sound Allegra, a witch who does fire performances with her flute.

Bio: Edit

Physical Appearance: Edit

Cally has brown skin and green eyes. She has dark green and lime hair with a teal streak across her hair. She also has green/teal wings like a parrot does. Because of this, she can easily be mistaken for an angel which Cally hates being called. She usually ties up her hair in a ponytail and wears green tomboyish clothes. She also wears a teal crystal necklace to represent the bond Lulle and she have. It holds Avi, her spirit. 

As Sound Allegra, she wears a green witch hat with a star, black boots with teal soles, and a green and black uniform with no sleeves. 

Personality: Edit

Cally is aggressive, talkative, and tomboyish. She yearns for a sense for adventure and oftens begs her partner, Lulle, to come along. Cally also likes annoying other people (usually if they annoy her or being called angel) and attacks back. However, her tenaciousness and being steadfast often leads her to jumping to conclusions too fast and reacting to the first thing she finds offensive. However, she has a soft side she hides when hanging out with her siblings, trying to protect them from danger and harm. 

As Sound Allegra, her tenaciousness and determination stay within her when battling. She’s also takes her job very seriously by practicing her flute and her abilities. Her personality also shifts by being more aggressive than usual and yearning to win every time. 

Relationships: Edit

Lulle: Her best friend and secret love interest. They met on a beach during a vacation. Lulle decided to adopt her as his sister and they started to become best friends ever since. However, as the years went by, Cally started getting more tomboyish and aggressive because she wanted to be a warrior so badly. Because of this, the duo have a vitriolic relationship of fights and hassle, but they still care for each other no matter what. 

(As the series progresses, they start to have feelings for each other for no reason)

Viola: Her little sister. They fight sometimes due to Cally being jealous of Viola’s kawaii, sweet personality. Cally sometimes backstabs her much to Lulle’s huge annoyance and defense towards his little sister. But otherwise, the two have a sweet relationship with Cally reluctantly hanging out with her sister and caring for each other. 

Seren: Ah… the common bickering like sisters. They argue a majority of the time because of their personalities. Cally sees Seren as an annoying cat due to the fact that she stalks Lulle and Cally when they’re having heart-to-heart talks. 

Avi: Cally and Avi also have a bickering relationship, usually because of Cally refusing to learn the boring content. However, they still have a good teamwork relationship when battling and try to get to know each other more. 

Etymology: Edit

Calliope means “beautiful voice”. In the second episode, it’s been revealed that she sings very well, however, she’s modest and flattered by her voice. 

Sound Allegra comes from the word allegro, which means fast and brisk tempo. 

Sound Allegra Edit

High shrill of a flute, filled with bursts of passion! Prepare for an incoming fire at racing speeds! I'm Sound Allegra!

Sound Allegra is Cally’s alter ego and transforms with Lulle to become the Sounds of Magic. In this form, she still can fly, but gains fire powers from her flute. In order to transform, she needs her flute and her necklace with her spirit, Avi, inside. She can transform alone or with Lulle. 

Cally summons her flute and holds it to create magic. Cally spins around playing her flute, playing every rhythm of the song. Covered in greenish aura, her hair brightens and magic starts flowing, changing her clothes to create a super heroine outfit and growing new black boots. 

(If they’re together) 

Cally and Lulle hold hands and say, “Sounds of Magic, play your melody!” Cally plays her part of the melody first, then Lulle. The duo spin around individually and appear back in a rainbow note background. They start forming their outfits while the song is playing. Then Cally plays her own solo and introduces herself. Lulle does his own solo and introduces. The duo march and then pose as a finisher. 

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